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We are structurally polluting, destroying and depleting every single part of our marine ecosystems. From the depletion of fishstocks to the destruction of habitats, we are doing it all. No part of the world's marine ecosystem (quite significant with the ocean's covering two third of our humble little planet) is untouched or undamaged. As we are developing new ways to interact with and use the marine resources new issues will come up. This blog is about the oceans, the other watery bits of our planet, and the issues -and solutions, it's not all that bad..- they are currently facing.

My Favourite Places -name was originally registered for some other project- is the personal site of Pepijn Koster, living the good life in Western Europe. Originally from the north of the Netherlands (Holland... with the tulips and stuff), but at the time of writing living in the United Kingdom (Wales, most famous for its rain). I have a BSc in Coastal Zone Management and am now rounding up my MSc in Coastal Conservation and Management. - Pepijn, Nov. 24, 2006
Jan. '07: Oi, this needs to be updated badly :)

Guest Contributers

To liven up the blog a bit and to provide a different point of view on things from time to time guest contributers are invited to write a post on the blog. Entries by guest contributers can be found here. The first, and as of February 2007 only, guest contributer was Juliette Hauville.


You can email me at if you need to get in contact with me about something related to this site or about something I've posted on it. When possible I prefer you using the comment function of the site though as it increases user interaction and may benefit others (but feel free to email me when you feel uncomfortable responding in public and yet don't want to comment anonymously). I usually reply to most email within a week, often much faster. Please try resending your email if you think it's been too long, keep in mind that I'm not ignoring you!

note: The comment to email ratio is about 1:5 (comment:email) at the moment. While I am happy with every reaction I do think this needs to change in favour of the web based comments. As many people use the feeds or reposts to get to the posts / articles I might start including a comment link in the feeds soon.

Pepijn Koster at a glacier in the Jotunheimen (West-Norway, 2005) and at the small tidal harbour of Noordpolderzijl (Netherlands, 2005)


Some people don't like the design of this website or want to automatically be notified of new content. For these people a solution has been thought of and finally cumulated in a set of beautifully, hand-crafted, feeds for your feed- / rss reader. The feeds come in two flavours; one for RSS folks, and one for Atom lovers

Site information

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Did I already mention pirate- or IUU (Illegal, Unregulated, Unmonitored) fishing? It deals with stealing and the ethics of using someone else's resources, not very relevant to this disclaimer now is it... Anyway, copyright! I'd really appreciate you not using content from my website without prior permission. It just helps in keeping the web a bit more friendly :-).

Unless otherwise noted, all text and photos on this website are copyrighted 2006 by Pepijn Koster. Content may not be reproduced or transmitted in any way without prior permission.

Note that I usually try to be a friendly person. If you ask me friendly I'm probably more than happy to grant permission and / or otherwise help you.