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  • Update on the site problems


    The site has some major problems. Most of the regular readers probably noticed this by now as it took place last week. One way or another most of the content of the content management system got corrupted. All of the entries, as well as your comments, are lost. Unfortunately the last backup I've made was in April this year. As you probably understand I'm not too happy about all this, especially not with myself as a simple, regular, backup scheme would�ve solved this.

    During the past six months I enjoyed writing on the site and appreciated the often high quality reactions in the comment boxes as well as the email discussions. As I am a bit fed up right now I�m not sure if I continue with the site. Please bear with me for some time while I decide on what to do.

  • By Pepijn on 08 09 06 - 22:03 | two comments | - About overfishing.