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  • Google Earth bottom trawling mashup

    Fisheries, Tourism, Weird and Funny

    Some time ago I wrote about bottom trawling in the Dutch Wadden Sea and the impressive imagery online satellite mapping services have. Today I've extended this a bit and created an interactive page (or as the cool kids say: a Google Maps Mashup).

    Twelve locations from across the world have been included and I might include more later. Imagery is probably a combination of satellite images from Quickbird and Landsat, and aerial photographs from a multitude of local providers. Go there now for some site seeing without the need to move away from your chair!

    By popular demand (three is a crowd) a fancy poster has been created showing ten examples -from eight countries*- of bottom trawling. The poster comes in two different sizes, is colourful, educational and looks pretty good on just about every wall. See the thumbnail below for a preview. A3 (2.4mb) and A4 (1.5mb).

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    By Pepijn on 30 05 07 - 14:45 | two comments |

  • Kia maha atu nga ika i roto te wai

    Conservation, Fisheries, Law and Legislation

    or: More fish in the water. New Zealand has a long track record when it comes to innovative management of their fishing grounds. It was the first country where the modern marine reserve management system was tested, and among the first countries to acknowledge problems regarding sustainability the fisheries. Also New Zealand has double system: the large scale commercial fisheries on one side, and the artisanal (-like) fisheries from the Maori people on the other side.

    Today I stumbled on an interesting news article which in turn led me to three very interesting sites about the fisheries management tools available, and the way local Maori and national fishing organisations are working to preserve the ecosystem and enhance the fisheries at the same time via the Hokianga Accord.

    Member of the Ngā Puhi iwi (the Maori version of a tribe or clan) with a tasty looking Kahawai (sea trout).

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    By Pepijn on 21 05 07 - 23:17 | No comments |

  • Penguining off the beaten track

    Biology, Ecology

    Some news sources bring the news of a Magellanic Penguin from South Chile. The news is that the bird is not in South Chile any more but in Peru instead. About 5.000 kilometre away from its usual beach, and pretty close to the equator. In Peru the penguin has to compete with some 4.000 Humboldt penguins. Now scientists fear these evil birds might reject their Chilean visitor and have advised the bird (or would have if they could) to go home again.

    Biologist David Orosco told AFP news agency that the native birds may even try to reject the penguin. "Conditions in the park are not the ones it is used to. They usually seek out their own species, and it could suffer discrimination," Mr Orosco said. The penguin, found by a fisherman, managed the epic journey suffering only a small wound on its wing. Mr Orosco said he was trying to contact colleagues in the penguin's home country. "It would be better for it to go to Chile," he said.

    Toddler-like Magellanic Penguin, chilling around somewhere in Chile.

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    By Pepijn on 12 05 07 - 00:02 | six comments |

  • Buttons


    Due to popular (four is a crowd...) demand: Some buttons for Feel free to use them to link to the site. I'll promise a link to your site in return, just send me an email with your site name. - About overfishing. - About overfishing. - About overfishing. - About overfishing. - About overfishing.

    The buttons and a little "how to embed this in your page" tutorial (let me know if you cannot figure it out on your own) can be found on this page.

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