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    Antarctica, Weird and Funny

    As you probably know the Greenpeace vessel Esperanza is currently in the Southern Ocean near Antarctica as part of the organisation's save-the-whales campaign. I made a short music video of yesterdays webcam feed. Enjoy! :)

    The enthralling music track is Les Marionnettes by Zbigniew Preisner.

  • By Pepijn on 21 02 07 - 16:30 | five comments |

    five comments:

    Prachtig filmpje man! Stuur me een mailtje als je tijd heb zodat we even over het WWF werk kunnen praten.
    Martijn - 21 02 07 - 20:53

    Very nice! Definitely to spread the word about...
    gillo (Email) (URL) - 22 02 07 - 00:42

    Greenpeace only talks, videos and watches the whales die. The only people fighting for the whales are the sea shepherd warriers the ram the whaling ships and save many whales. SS will end whaling!
    Sea Warrier (URL) - 23 02 07 - 14:14

    Well, Sea Warrier, I don't really know how Greenpeace could save any whales right now, since NO WHALING IS GOING ON! And if there was, I'd also like to know how SS is planning to save any whales at all from a Melbourne port...
    The ramming didn't stop the whaling, you know...
    Juliette (Email) (URL) - 23 02 07 - 14:36

    A message from the owner of this website:

    I just deleted the ~20th "greenpeace sucks, sea shepherd rulzerzzz" comment on this site in two weeks time, most replies to this post. And to be honest I'm getting fed up with it. All but one of these "comments" have been made by first time posters / visitors (I'm lord and master of the user-information here, and yes, I do check it from time to time) to this site. All of these comments were 100% offtopic as I have never even mentioned Sea Shepherd on this site before.

    I'm writing on this website for a numbers of reasons - I won't go into them all. While the main reason is simple because I like writing and informing people about marine related issues one other reason is the dialogue the posts sometimes create. I like that dialogue; I like hearing from people who disagree -or sometimes agree, but most people never seem to comment if something is ok for them- and have some argumentation for it. I like it when people email me new information and so on. Hell, I even like it when I see people returning every week or so even though they never leave a comment.

    This Sea Shepherd spam, which seems to be instigated by the negative GP-bashing posts on the Sea Shepherd website (maybe aiming to create some kind of Calimero image, Sea Shepherd being the false Calimero here), is not a dialogue at all. It's not informative or argumentative either. It's just simplistic and unjust bashing of an organisation with a tremendous track record in positive change and action. Fine if you don't agree with them in this, unjust if you bash them for that, even more unjust if you need my website for that.

    It takes me one second to delete a message that takes you two minutes to write. While this site might look like a democracy it is in fact a liberal autocracy where all power is held by me, the almighty Lord-of-MFP. Being a liberal autocracy there is complete freedom of speech here for individuals wishing to behave contributionary to the society. This freedom of speech specifically excludes mindless twats though. Come to think of it: Benevolent Dictator, read up on Plato (The Republic) if you don't get it :)

    A last note: As some (around 20) people might've noticed they have been banned from posting here. If you are one of these people, and if you think you have something useful to contribute, get in contact with me and I might remove your ban.
    Pepijn - 26 02 07 - 21:50

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