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    This blog does not have millions of visitors. It could probably be hosted on an old Casio calculator with the calculator having enough computing power left to run a full scale global climate simulation. However. Frankly dear visitor, I don't care that much about the visitor numbers. Sure, it's grand to have your message read. Yet first of all though I'm writing my posts for the small incrowd of regulars who frequent this blog. That said, I do write to be read and every time someone learns something from one of my posts I get a little boost in happiness :)

    Yesterdays post on the European Union fishing TACs and quotas turned out to be a fruitful one. Some hours after being published I received an email from Mark, a fisherman (smart guy with lots of education, and an interest in everything fishy) working on the Dutch fleet, and crew member of the first trawler I ever went on. Apparently he has been quietly following my blog for over a year now. Only yesterday he felt the urge to say hello. Why so? Because that EU fisheries documents was new to him. A simple list of who is allowed to catch what and where, that every fisherman knows, but not in its original context with bilateral treaties and all. Now if even people working within the industry, people who actually make an effort to learn, have difficulties getting the big picture it shows that we have a long way to go.

    So, i can save seas?!. Yes you can. All what is needed is for you to actually want it and spend some serious time informing yourself. It ain't easy diving into it. While the basics are crystal clear a real understanding takes time and effort.

    (the image is showing Periko-Karel, my very own feline)

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    Lovely kitty. Do you feed it tuna?
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