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    Conservation, Fisheries, Marine Reserves

    With a string of fishing line, an anchor, two trawl beams and a flounder sized cod-end our interpret hero would only need 25 minutes to construct one hell of a marine reserve. The sea critters would be in there, the fishing non-violent, and all would be fine.

    Unfortunately we have to make do with the lesser -and unlikely if you just look at the name- heroes of the United States Department of Commerce. But boy! Did they come up with a great name for their reserve! To top it the managers of Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument (seriously, awesome! this beats any Welsh train station) are using all the proper buzz words. There's for example ecosystem approach to management and effective regulatory framework, but also response and restoration and, well, many more. Ocean Conservation 2.0 for sure. Did I mention it's the "single largest conservation area under US flag"?

    All might be lost without a real life MacGyver

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  • By Pepijn on 11 08 08 - 23:08 | six comments |

    six comments:

    The A-TEAM members are the real interpret heros of marine protection. Nuf said!
    Ma 'BA' rk (URL) - 12 08 08 - 10:49

    No they're not. MacGyver would totally beat them all if it came to some reality show like "clash of the marine park managers" trial programme. And, despite me enjoying the A Team's commando style, MacGyver's use of brains (and his boyscout-like environmental awareness) just one-ups the A Team :D

    Pepijn - 12 08 08 - 10:59

    The ship the A-TEAM uses to hunt poachers in their marine protected area. http://www.toymania.com/334archives/atea..
    Ma 'BA' rk (URL) - 12 08 08 - 11:10

    How nice of them, guns over brains. MacGyver, however, goes a step further and is partaking (aided by his favourite angling rod) a population density study of the Giant grouper in his marine reserve. If all goes well he'll be able to set up sustainable catch quotas on the outer reaches of the reserve -> http://www.graphicreporter.com/images/wi..

    (I should never have started this..)
    Pepijn - 12 08 08 - 11:24

    Interestingly MacGuyver is on the board of Directors for Sea Shepherd - so I wonder if he'd be interested in a practical long term solution like marine reserves or whether he's more into sinking ships.

    sea star - 12 08 08 - 12:58

    Naa, that's just an actor trying to do good... MacGyver (the interpret hero) would prefer the non-violent and communication-based approach of WWF or Greenpeace ;)
    Pepijn - 12 08 08 - 13:14

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