• Our Brave New Oceans and the Rise of Slime


    Jeremy B. C. Jackson's paper 'Ecological extinction and evolution in the brave new ocean' just made me sad. I'm afraid it will do the same to you. To guarantee this I'm including Table 1 ('percent decline (biomass, catch, percent cover) for fauna and flora from various marine environments.') in this post.

    Clearly the table just nails it. The full article, however, is very informative. The US National Academy of Sciences has a PDF version available online.

    Scripps News has a press release. ''The purpose of the talk and the paper is to make clear just how dire the situation is and how rapidly things are getting worse," said Jackson. "It's a lot like the issue of climate change that we had ignored for so long. If anything, the situation in the oceans could be worse because we are so close to the precipice in many ways."

    Even if you're not the preacher type of person this might be the one piece of info to spread to your extended family, policy makers and friends.

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  • By Pepijn on 14 08 08 - 13:46 | two comments |

    two comments:

    Dat brengt het allemaal wel thuis. Ik kan de pdf niet downloaden?
    Mark - 17 08 08 - 22:37

    @Mark: Geen idee. Hier werkt het goed. Als je je email even geeft dan stuur ik hem door.

    Table 1 has a similar effect on Craig from Deep Sea news:
    Pepijn - 14 08 08 - 22:41

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