• Fish from Hell, a deep-sea fishing adventure!

    Weird and Funny

    In this violent world decent men kill every fish they meet. But that's okay, because fish are evil and deserve to die. DIE I tell you! A manta ray gets a harpoon in its skull because it's a "devil fish," and a "terror of the deep." An octopus barely escapes with its life, even though it's a "slimy, death-dealing monster" and a "black-hearted scoundrel." Even porpoises are slandered, being derisively referred to as "clowns" and "good for lubricating oil."

    Behold the greatest movie ever made. An epic tale of Man vs. The Sea vs. Stock Footage! Meet Mr. Wilfred Lucas in his role as narrator of this docudrama, this grand production from the good year 1945. Straight from the Prelinger Archives MyFavouritePlaces.org presents: Fish from Hell! (a Marine Pictures Production)

    Fish from Hell (Part I) - Getting to know the characters..

    Fish from Hell (Part II) - "The Killing Fields"?

    In 60 years we sure have come a long way from feeling threatened by everything to at least having a bit of respect for the critters filling up out habitat. No? ;) Anyway, the videos use the embedded Archive.org flash player. Part I should be playing automatically, part II shouldn't. I recommend the full-screen experience, just grab some popcorn, hit the second to right button on the bottom of the player, and enjoy!

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  • By Pepijn on 21 08 08 - 23:29 | three comments |

    three comments:

    Whale-fishes against shark-fish!! Awesome! How DO you find these
    Mark - 22 08 08 - 07:15

    Repeat after me: autoplay sucks. Now every time I'll come on your blog, I'm going to have to remember to scroll down, hit the "pause" button in order to be able to read the rest in peace. Please remove autoplay?
    Juliette (URL) - 22 08 08 - 20:55

    Good point ;)
    Pepijn - 27 08 08 - 19:25

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