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    The South African newspaper Cape Argus has an article about "rich eco-tourists" (seriously, this is eco?!) who, after diving with sharks off a place called Miller's Point, are up in arms after being confronted by the sight of fishermen offloading tons of dead sharks from boats awash with blood. (no photo?) I'm sure many of them would be much happier if the offloading happened out of sight.

    Another interesting article is found in the Guardian where George Monbiot tries to convince us that rich countries once used gunboats to seize food, and now fishermen and EU officials use trade deals and dodgy private agreements to do the same thing in countries like Senegal. He's pushing it a bit with the "crops being transported out of fortified farms as hungry locals look on" but his point is clear for everyone with a bit of knowledge of the EU 3rd country access agreements.

    Just two articles that show how our western consumption (fish for European consumers, the SA shark for Australian fish & chips) and entertainment (the SA eco-tourism) is still having a big impact on the worlds poor. Even if we hide it in multiple layers of "equal partnership", "sustainable tourism" or "development aid".

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  • By Pepijn on 26 08 08 - 11:29 | one comment |

    one comment:

    It strikes me as very unfair that while people are starving in one part of a country, in another part fishermen are throwing tons of potential food back into the see to make room for more shark fins. Surely the money from "ecotourism" should go towards reducing wasteful practices like this.
    Hannah - 21 11 08 - 17:10

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